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Q & A

Are the prints named after some of your favorite songs paralleled with how the image makes you feel? Yes, how did you know? 

How long will I have to wait to cover up my naked walls?  Since the print shop is new, I can’t make any promises but shipping should be no more than 10 days. And then, voilà, your package awaits you at the doorstep. If you have not received your print within 10 shipping days, please email me. nbarrettphoto@gmail.com

How will my order arrive?  Magnolia (my dog), will appear on your front porch with your print strapped to her back. Just kidding. The engineer prints will be rolled up in a tube and the matte prints will lay flat in a sturdy cardboard box, through USPS. The wooden poster rails and/or clips will ship separately but should arrive at the same time. 

What is an engineer print?  People…nothing about this print quality or the print paper says “Fine Art”… I would say it’s a little more rough around the edges (lots-o-character). Beautiful but artistic and not so perfect, just like me. Your selection will be printed on an industrial printer typically used for architectural work. The black and white images will be grey scale and may not look exactly like the version that you see online. If you are super type 'A' like me, this may throw you for a loop. Just know that these prints are really big and really beautiful but they kinda take on a life of their own when printed this way. There are many way that you can hang them. I strongly suggest buying the wooden poster rails. Otherwise you can use a strong washi tape or purchase the large clips

What is a matte print?  Probably not a finish you will find on your grandmother’s walls. These prints have a wonderful, soft and subtle finish with no glare. I liken the texture to an eggshell. They can be famed with glass but they really don't need glass at all. Straight to the walls with these lovelies.

Will you print a custom size for me?  I will try. Please send me an email with the subject ‘PRINT SHOP- SIZE REQUEST’ and I will send you an estimate if it’s doable.

But...what if I want my print in color/black & white? Shoot me an email and I will see what I can do. nbarrettphoto@gmail.com 

Will you frame my print? Nadda, for framing we recommend Frame Bridge.

Do you accept returns?  What, how dare you? However, if your print is damaged please email a picture of the damage to me and I will send out for a re-print asap. nbarrettphoto@gmail.com

Do you ship outside the country?  Yes and Yes. Email me and I can send you an estimate for shipping cost.