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Dearest Ladies & Gents,

Magnolia is my Bulldog (@Hellomagnoliabug). Sometimes I wish I could write her letters, or send her texts... Or maybe even give her a quick ring to see how she's doing when I am away. She is also the proud namesake of this here Print Shop, @LetterstoMagnolia

She doesn't do much reading these days, so I guess this shop is really just for me. It's a place where I can share a few frames that I captured along my way. I have such a love for beauty in nature and I wish to translate that through my art. I hope that you can find something nice for your bare walls and welcome us into your home.

xoxo, Natalie & Magnolia, of course

P.S.  Oh, and a big shout out to an exceptional florist that happens to be my dear friend. Thank you Alicia, @Bowsandarrowsflowers, for styling some of these beautiful works.

P.P.S.  Since the print shop is new, I would love a few pictures of the prints in your space. I would adore you if you would email or send a shot or two directly on Instagram @LetterstoMagnolia. Thank you in advance!